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How memory operates
Why we forget
Observation and memory
Using mnemonics to link together memories
Mnemonics to master a foreign language
Mnemonics to remember numbers - The number/rhyme system
Mnemonics to remember your dreams
Advanced number mnemonics - Pegging
Mnemonics for quotations
Mnemonics to remember abstract symbols and letters
The Roman Room or journey system
Mnemonics to remember names and faces
Mnemonics for rememberring appointments - The Mental Diary
How to combine the systems - The Mental Database


Mnemonics is the key.
You already have an excellent memory. You just don't know how to use it!

This mnemonics resource is designed to help everyone from businessman, to students, to pretty much anyone improve their memory. The techniques and systems outlined here are simple to learn and have an immediate effect.

Mark S D'Arcy

Many people claim that they possess a poor memory. Indeed you may even be one of those people yourself. Well whether you are or not, the simple fact of the matter is that the vast majority of the population have perfectly good memories. The problem is that they just donít know how to use them properly

What I have attempted to accomplish with this mnemonics website, is to outline in simple terms, a variety of memory improvement techniques, that with a bit of practice and just a little time, will allow the you to express the full potential of your latent memory capabilities. These menmonic techniques I might add, have been around in one form or another for quite a number of centuries. But until relatively recent times, they had only been used extensively by a select number of magicians and showman.

I myself firmly believe that the mnemonics and memory improvement systems that are outlined in this site, are surprisingly straight-forward, and should not take you more than a relatively short period of time to fully master.

BUILDYOURMEMORY.COM / A mnemonics and memory improvement resource

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