Brain Boosting Effects of Trampolining

Most people are under the impression that books and school projects are the only way to boost brain development. While they are also crucial in boosting one’s brain capacity, there is a simpler solution probably lying idly in their backyard. Trampolines are usually viewed as big toys which both parents and children can jump on but did you know that trampoline jumping has brain-boosting effects? Prepare to be amazed. Here are some of the brain-boosting effects of jumping on a trampoline.

It promotes mental capacity and health
Jumping up and down may seem like a stupid thing to do but it improves blood circulation to all body parts including the brain. This ensures that there is adequate oxygen being supplied to your brain which then improves your mental focus. When in the air, you’re alertness is at its peak making you eerily aware of your surroundings and the activities happening around you even though you aren’t part of them. Being mentally alert comes in handy when fast reactions are required. The constant jumping also stimulates the release of endorphins which are hormones that make you feel good about yourself. It is no wonder one always feels alert and stress-free after jumping on a trampoline.

It improves one’s concentration span.
When jumping on a trampoline, you have to balance many things at once. You have to maintain the right posture while jumping and bouncing and still figure out your next move. Performing all these activities at once is exciting but requires a high level of concentration and body coordination. This helps one improve their concentration span and be more resistant to distractions which then translates to better memory. It is extremely helpful to children who are easily distracted.

Enhances risk assessment skills.
Performing risky activities requires one to assess the level of risk and come up with ways of overcoming the said risk. Bouncing on a trampoline is somehow risky and while you are in the air, you have to decide on the safest way to land. This enhances your brains assessment ability and enables you to understand your limits. People with high-risk assessment skills are less likely to engage in dangerous activities.

Develops body coordination and motor skills.
Children who use the trampoline regularly usually have better-developed motor skills. The constant jumping requires one to coordinate their body so as to maintain proper balance. When jumping, both hemispheres of the brain have to work together to ensure there is coordination of the body parts. This constant movements leads to the development of your motor skills and acts as an exercise for the brain too.
If you already have a trampoline or there is enough space in your yard to use a trampoline, then it is time you get started on using it. It is smart ever to use a trampoline as you will not only have fun and reap physical benefits, but also mental ones as well. It is even better for children whose mental capabilities are still developing as it will translate to academic excellence through better memory.