Can Woodworking Stimulate Your Brain?

Studies have shown that doing physical activities and getting into the creative process is a good way to exercise your brain. Doing these creative physical activities increases blood-flow to your brain and engages the brain’s creativity as well as the cognitive at the same time thereby exercising your brain as a whole.

There are a number of creative physical exercises one can do, music, dance, art and craft and definitely woodworking. Many tend to overlook woodworking as a form of mental exercise but just as doing wonders to your physical self, it does wonders to your mind as well.

The creative process
When working with wood one requires to be extremely creative in order to fashion something spectacular out of basic-looking chunks of wood. Whether you are making a simple piece of furniture or decided to create the entire cosmos on wood, your mind needs to be highly active in order to conjure the creative imagination and then it needs to work to make sure your motor senses work just so to create the image conjured, and the math needs to be done to make sure it all fits together. Sounds like a lot of brain work for such a physical process, doesn’t it?

Woodworking is also one way to show through your personality and how you perceive the world. If you are looking for a way to let all that out, then consider woodworking your best friend. Taking a piece of formless wood and working into shaping it into something other people want to look at is a great way to set free that inner you, and besides, it is also a great way to ward off any negative emotions as you start working and go completely numb focusing only on the piece in front of you, improving the general state of your mental health by keeping things on a more positive note.

Scientific proof
Studies have shown that people who do more physical activities like woodwork are in better mental health than people who don’t. their synapses fire faster and they are in better control of their motor senses, their eyesight is better and much more likely to pick up things faster around in their environment and react faster as well.

The memory is improved as well as a creative person will see a stimulus around them and then have it safely tucked away in their brain until inspiration hits and they can recall the stimuli with almost perfect recollection. This will apply in other daily activities generally making them better.

It has also been found that creative minds have more grey matter in their brain, which is the stuff containing neurons and the firing synapses which means they are generally quicker. Thinking becomes easier over time as one is able to train their mind to start the creative process by picking up things around it that can be used and then finding a way to make it all come together seamlessly hence you can swiftly finish off an idea as soon as you started it.

Get to working
With all these benefits of picking up woodwork as a creative physical activity, it’s not a wonder its quickly becoming a favorite among creators and you can join in too and have fun to explore your creative side, keep fit physically and definitely work that brain to be as fit as the rest of you