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About the is a passion project built by Marcus Guffoggio, and memory and learning expert.

With this passion, Marcus intends to make one of the best resources on the internet to learn more about your brain, cognition and generally the fundamentals of what you need to become a sharper and mentally stronger human being.

We’re always updating and upgrading the site. It’s currently under some construction, so not everything is as it should be. Hopefully this will be resolved soon.

What does? looks at various techniques, methods and nutrients that you can practice and use to help… Build Your Memory.

Marcus Guffoggio is something of a biohacker and pushes himself to the limit to find the best options to help improve his mind and sharpen his overall mental agility.

This can lead him to look into various methods of brain training and self-improvement to make him the best he can be.

On this journey, he would like to include you, the reader. Sharing everything as he goes, to distill all of these methods, nutrients and practices down to a sweet formula of what definitely works… and what definitely doesn’t.

At the moment, Marcus Guffoggio is having great joy using the Pomodoro technique with the all natural nootropic stack Mind Lab Pro – however, like our brains – this is all subject to change and could be improved upon at any moment.

Should such a thing occur, Marcus will keep you posted.

Marcus Guffoggio

Who is is primarily one man: Marcus Guffoggio. A memory expert, glasses wearer and all round cognition enthusiast.

He is the site runner over here at and does most of the day-to-day tasks on the site.

Although working freelance at a number of various high-level companies, Marcus likes to share whatever productivity hacks, memory methods and biohacking solutions he can with us as regularly as he can.

These can be anything from the best nootropics on the market, to the top ways to remember a phone number. You name it, and Marcus no doubt has some experience with it.

He wants to be a full comprehensive resource of all things memory-related and give you the tools you need to come faster, stronger and sharper in all things brainpower.

If you want to find out more, you can visit Marcus’s profile on the site to find out more about the man himself.