About This Site

www.buildyourmemory.com is a free mnemonics resource. Mnemonics are a group of systems that help people to get the most out of their latent memory capacity. This free resource includes several systems that allow people to greatly increase their capacity for recall. Just browse through the menu to the left to pick an aspect of your memory that you would like to improve first. Alternatively, just dip into the site and start to see the benefits immediately.

What is the purpose of this Mnemonics resource?

What I have attempted to accomplish with this site, is to outline in simple terms, a variety of techniques, that with a bit of practice and just a little time, will allow the reader to express the full potential of their latent memory capabilities. Techniques I might add, that have been around in one form or another for quite a number of centuries. But that until relatively recent times had only been used extensively by a select number of magicians and showman.

I firmly believe that the memory improvement systems that are outlined on my site, are surprisingly straight-forward, and should not take you more than a relatively short period of time to fully master.

In this resource, the following techniques will be covered:

  • Linking – This is a system for organizing and linking together memories so that they are easier to retrieve.
  • Pegging – This is the major system for remembering numbers. By using it, dates, times, mathematical formula and other numerical data become easier to memorize.
  • Roman Room system – This system has been used for thousands of years and can be used to recall information of all forms, in any order.
  • The Mental Database – This is a new technique that can be used to create a vast mental database for recalling all sorts of data.
  • Names and Faces – A detailed set of systems is also outlined that enables the reader to commit names and faces to memory.
All these systems are covered in their entirety and with numerous examples.