Alpha Brain Alternatives: Other nootropic options?

Are there alternatives to Alpha Brain?

Yes, there are numerous alternatives to Alpha Brain. Depending on the kind of natural nootropic stack you’re looking for there are a plethora of supplement stacks which could replace Alpha Brain and work as an alternative option for you.

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However, if you’re just looking for fast alternatives to Alpha Brain, read on an in this article, we’ll outline some of the fast options that you can choose from.

Why would you want an alternative to Alpha Brain by Onnit?

Not everyone is a huge fan of Alpha Brain, but they are a fan of nootropics. Some people try Alpha Brain and find that it doesn’t agree with their lifestyle in terms of the effects.

In other cases some people may be allergic to an ingredient in there. Whereas others could just not like the fact that Alpha Brain contains numerous proprietary blends.

Proprietary blends are when supplement manufacturers choose to hide the individual ingredient dosages in their product. Instead they, group numerous ingredients together under one larger dosage as a blend.

In doing so, you have no idea how much of each ingredient you’re getting or how effective it really is.

In this case especially, we can see why people would want to turn to an Alpha Brain alternative.

Ideally, you want something that has:

  • Clear Dosages – Know what you’re getting
  • Clean – Vegan, Non-GMO, etc, etc.
  • Uses Clinically Researched Ingredients – Research that shows it works
  • Affordable – Preferably cheaper than the $79.95

Below, we have what we believe to be the options that would work well as Alpha Brain alternatives.

What are the alternatives to Alpha Brain?

There are three main options that we feel would work well as alternatives to Alpha Brain:

  1. Mind Lab Pro
  2. Performance Lab Mind
  3. Your Own Stack

Let’s run through them.

#1 Mind Lab Pro – Comprehensive Alpha Brain Alternative

Mind Lab Pro is a $65.00 nootropic stack from Opti-Nutra Ltd. It contains 11 ingredients which are all backed by clinical research to aid in cognition.

It is third party tested, non-GMO, soy free, allergen free, gluten free, caffeine free, vegan friendly, non-irradiated and synthetic additive free.

It’s an incredibly clean nootropic stack, it’s cheaper than Alpha Brain and all the ingredients have their full dosages displayed. There are absolutely no proprietary blends.

#2 Performance Lab Mind – Stackable Alpha Brain Alternative

Although not as comprehensive as Mind Lab Pro, Performance Lab Mind still has a similar level of cleanliness as Mind Lab Pro. Again, vegan, non-GMO, soy free – everything.

The only main difference here are the ingredients as there are only four in here as opposed to the whopping 11 in Mind Lab Pro.

It has less ingredients than Alpha Brain too. But it does display all of it’s dosages for all to see, without any mystery to it’s effectiveness.

What’s more the main cognitive boosters are present in here (Cognizin Citicoline, Phosphatidylserine, L-Tyrosine and Maritime Pine Bark) so you should still get a level of brain boosting.

With a stripped back ingredient panel, you could also stack on top of it to make something more your own. At $49.00 a bottle, it is significantly less in price than both Mind Lab Pro and Alpha Brain, making it a bit more wallet conscious along with a few pennies to put towards a custom stack.

#3 Make Your Own Alpha Brain

No premade formula, no nonsense. You know what works for you, and you don’t need a company to tell you otherwise.

You’re willing to put the work in and buy all the powders and throw them together into the perfect stack right there on your desk.

The advantage of your own custom stack is that it can be whatever you want it to be. Price, ingredients, cleanliness, they are depend entirely on what you’re interested in buying.

Just make sure what you’re getting is of high quality and contains the necessary compounds that are needed to make the ingredient you’re purchasing effective (e.g. 20% or more Bacosides in your Bacopa Monnieri) it’s a lot of work but it can be rewarding done correctly.

Alpha Brain Alternatives: The Summary

There you have it. Three fast alternatives to Alpha Brain by Onnit. Mind Lab Pro, Performance Lab Mind and of course, the homemade option.

Alpha Brain does have some good ingredients, but it isn’t for everyone. Particularly when it comes to being specific about the dosage, that’s always been a hard pill for us to swallow.

Do your research, test everything and get out there and find the best nootropic that works for you.

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