Does Alpha Brain Work Reddit? Users Have Their Say

Does Alpha Brain Work, Reddit?

Alpha Brain is a big topic of discussing over on the Joe Rogan subreddit. But how well does it actually work for his subscribers. We do a deep-dive into r/JoeRogan to find some hot-takes on the podcaster’s nootropic Alpha Brain.

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We were surprised by the amount of Reddit reviews there are of Alpha Brain on r/JoeRogan. Some of them are flattering to the product, some not so much (and that’s putting it lightly).

In this article, we break down some of the more popular responses to Joe Rogan’s nootropic on Reddit, and what we can learn about these first-hand experiences with Alpha Brain.

Does Alpha Brain Work? Reddit (Positive Experiences)

Some Redditors are in the mindset that Alpha Brain works.

In a thread where a Redditor asked, how effective is Alpha Brain really? Another kind Reddit user was quick to jump in and share some insight into the ingredients:

Does Alpha Brain Work? Reddit: Positive 1

If you can’t see the screenshot, here’s what they said:

Alpha Brain has lots of good ingredients, those ingredients are supported by peer-reviewed double blind studies. However, it’s over priced. Check out r/nootropics

Want to improve memory? Try bacopa monnieri (I spend about $8/month on the stuff, and it does so many great things). Bacopa is an ingredient in Alpha Brain that really works, but you can take a higher dose for cheaper if you buy it on its own.

Then in another thread over on r/Supplements asking about Alpha Brain, a redditor claimed that it helped them during the first few times they took it, but the effects quickly wore off soon after that.

Alpha Brain Reddit Positive 2


It worked the first few times then it didn’t. And I think when I stopped taking it I felt a little angry. I think he’s trying to be honest/truly wants to create a product that does what it advertises but placebo really might be the only thing, which I’m totally susceptible to.

As Joe Rogan would say “it’s entirely possible”.

People (especially on forums) are quick to criticism sooner than they are to praise (as a reviewer myself I know the feeling).

So the positive feedback on Reddit for Alpha Brain isn’t overwhelming. But at least there is some form of it.

Personally, we think Alpha Brain is fine. It just needs to control it’s dosages and wind in the Huperzine A to a more sensible amount.

Alpha Brain Doesn’t Work? Reddit (Negative Experiences)

As we’ve mentioned, there’s a lot of criticism of Alpha Brain on the subreddit. A lot of we’re leaving out this article as it’s mainly sarcasm about the effects, and / or profanity.

Don’t get us wrong, some of these users gave us in the office a serious chuckle at some of their takes – it’s just not appropriate for this article.

We’re focusing more on the honest experiences with Alpha Brain that Redditor’s are having to give you more of a view as to how effective it is.

The problems are typically one of three things:

  1. They didn’t experience anything on Alpha Brain
  2. Redditor’s prefer the old Alpha Brain formula
  3. The price

At $79.95 a bottle, we have to agree with Reddit – that is an incredibly premium price tag.

Here’s a Redditor that talks about the old formula:

Alpha Brain Reddit Negative 1


I tried it when it first came out and found the results positive. Evidently Onnit had to change the recipe and the changes took away from any benefits in my experience, thus I stopped taking it.

We desperately tried to recover the old formula to show you the differences from the current version. We believe it could be this:

Alpha Brain Old Formula

It looks similar to the current formula except you can see all the dosages for Alpha Brain – most of them are now undisclosed under proprietary Onnit blends.

We can only guess that there has been a change in dosage.

Here’s more mentioning it:

Reddit Alpha Brain Negative 2


Seemed like the original formula worked, but the newer stuff, not so much. Could be the placebo effect kind of wearing off.

And finally here’s just a generally negative review about the price:

Negative Reddit Alpha Brain 3


Had a can. Didnt feel it. Overpriced is right.

Alpha Brain: Reddit’s Verdict

In short, there is some positivity for the individual ingredients in Alpha Brain over on the relevant subreddits – but for the most part it appears that many users either prefer the old formula, or only feel the effects for a few days.

The things to bear in mind with Reddit criticism is that most of the audience reviewing Alpha Brain here are Joe Rogan’s audience.

Most of them won’t be well informed on nootropics, or know how to get the best out of them (i.e. knowing the best productivity techniques etc). So we should take their criticism with a slightly large grain of salt.

Regardless, this is all interesting information and food for thought.

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