Easiest Way to Learn on How to Use Jointer Planer

Woodworking can be very challenging especially for people who are newbies or who do not have enough in the field. In addition to this, you can have the necessary experience dealing with the different machine in woodworking but being introduced to new equipment can also be tricky.

Jointer-Planer is one of the woodworking equipment you need to master operating. So, what are the easiest way to learn how to use it? While there are lots of methods available, here is the best jointer planner guideline you can rely on.

Familiarize yourself with the equipment

Knowing and understanding the equipment you are working with is very crucial. Make sure you comprehend its parts, features, and functions. Follow its manual and explore its parts to learn how you can adjust the fence, how you can set different level of depth of cut, how you will change blades and many more. The more familiar you become with the jointer planner, the higher the chance of using it without hassle. This will not only ensure safe operation but also guarantees higher productivity when carrying your woodwork projects.

Ensure the jointer planner is appropriately tuned

Working with an adequately tuned jointer is vital before you start using your machine. Ensure that the tables are perfectly parallel to each other. Use your manual to guide you through various adjustments needed.

Square up the jointer’s fence

It is essential to understand that without a square fence, a jointer planner will be rendered useless hence failing to produce maximum results as you expected. Therefore, this step involves setting up the fence to a magnificently square position with the help of a digital angle gauge.

Understand the limitations of the board stock

Refer to the users manual about the right measurements of the board size that you can use with your jointer planer. Every jointer is designed with its own specific capacity limit depending on the dimension of its bed. Tip: To ensure safe operations and maximum results, you are advised to use a lower limit for the board size that you want to run through jointer planer. Plus, avoid configuring your machine for boards that aren’t within its capacity measurements. Set the cut depth The primary aim of setting up the depth of cut is to ensure visible progress on the board. It is advisable to take a conservative approach in setting the depth so that to avoid burdening your machine. This makes you achieve better results than setting it at an aggressive rate. What is the best jointer planer to pick?

This is the list of our top 3 best jointer planer you need to know about.

  1. Powermatic #1610086 8-inch
    • Pros Very powerfulDurableLarge capacityHelical cutter headDecent Warranty
    • Con(s) Extremely expensive
  2. Delta Power Tools#37-0716 inch
    • Pros Best for your budgetary to change bladesGood dust collection port
    • Con(s) Takes time to adjust the fence gets outshined by other higher quality models
  3. Porter-Cable#PC160JT
    • Pros EconomicalVariable speedsSolid warranty
    • Con(s) Sometimes it goes out of alignment’s hard to calibrate

Final Word

The jointer planner guarantees you more precise and efficient ways to render a perfectly square edge on a board. To ensure that your jointer delivers maximum results, be sure to leverage on mastering how to use it Follow the right procedures, and you are sure to benefit from this equipment regardless of the project you take. Enjoy your woodworking adventure!