Healthy ways to improve your memory

Healthy ways to improve your memory

Our nervous system is an important part of our body because from here commands for the whole body are generated and our memory is an essential thing which is to be kept fit. Our brain needs some supplements and regular exercise to keep it fit and let it work properly else problem of memory loss and brain damage can occur.

Human brains I made from cells which are connected to each other and communicate with each other but improper diet and irregular habits damage it and make our memory low and weak.

There is a saying “health is wealth“why it is wealth because if health is not good then the big amount of wealth is a waste as if you can’t remember anything then how you can you enjoy your wealth. So a healthy brain and a good memory can lead to success and enjoy each and every moment of life. That’s why health is wealth.

Our memory gets affected due to our unhealthy habits which we follow most of the time and ignores our brain and memory.

“Healthy brain and a good memory can be a key to success“ it is because if we can remember anything that means we can learn easily which leads to a successful life. There are many healthy ways by which memory can be improved.

1. Eating less added sugar as sugar shows an adverse effect on brain cells.

2. Time for meditation as meditation makes our mind calm and takes it on rest which results in improved memory and a healthy lifestyle.

3. Get enough sleep because lack of sleep can lead to anxiety and stress which affects brain cells. Proper and on time sleep helps in improving memory.

4. Practice mindfulness as focusing on the situation, maintaining awareness of your surroundings and feelings keeps our mind active and memory good.
5. Drink less alcohol as alcohol damages brain cells which directly affects memory.
6. Cut down on good carbs will keep your mind active and removes lazy cells which helps in improving memory.

7. Exercise more as the active body makes mind active and exercise helps in releasing hormones which creates stress and makes our mind healthy and improves memory.

8. Having inflammatory foods on regular basis keeps vitamin and fatty acid level up and keeps brain active.

9. Train your brain for taking stress and ideas to sharpen your memory as the brain is a human slave which can be controlled easily if you want to train in. So try to train your brain to have improved memory.

10. Having vitamins and supplements to improve memory and make your brain cells active.

11. Add cocoa to your diet as it is not only a flavor but a source of many kinds of nutritious.

“All you need is love, but little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt “ this phrase fits for chocolate lovers. As dark chocolate is good for memory and brain. It has nutritious elements which provide a powerful dose of antioxidant called flavonoids which is beneficial for memory.

Supplements which helps in improving memory

1. Fatty fish oil has omega 3 which build brain and nerve cells.
2. Coffee contains caffeine and antioxidants help your brain. It increases alertness, improves mood and sharpens concentration.
3. Blueberries deliver antioxidant and improve communication between brain cells. It has antioxidants and anti-inflammatory which improves memory.
4. Turmeric has curcumins which keep brain cells active.
5. Broccoli has high vitamin K which protect the brain from damage
6. Pumpkin seeds have zinc, copper, iron, and magnesium all these together reduces depression and brain fogging and another brain-related disease.
7. Dark chocolate it boosts brain and works as an antioxidant.
8. Green tea helps in giving less stress and keeps mind cool and active.
9. Nuts have vitamin E which gives healthy fats to the brain.
10. Oranges have Vitamin C Vitamin D which keeps a mental decline in check and keeps mind active and gives sharpen memory.
There are many memory health supplements are available in the market and in popular sites ( which is natural and good for the brain and having a good memory.
1.Neuro drive.
2.Neuro peak brain capsule
3 Genius consciousness
4. Neuro spark
5.Fused Focus
6. Mind and memory
7. Host defense lions

And many more are available which helps a lot in having a good memory as they have basic elements which improve the working of the brain and keeps memory sharp and good.

There are many duns, simple and delicious ways to improve your memory. Exercising your mind and body, enjoying a quality piece of chocolate and reducing the amount of added sugar are some best techniques to improve memory.

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