Is Concerta Better Than Vyvanse For Depression?

Is Concerta better than Vyvanse

Are you thinking of switching to Concerta for your depression? If so, read on to find out the differences between the two antidepressants. The differences between Concerta and Vyvanse include their side effects and speed of action. In addition, we’ll explore how these two medications compare on their effectiveness and speed of action. Ultimately, you’ll be better off knowing which one works for you.

Differences between Concerta and Vyvanse

Among the differences between Vyvanse and Concerta are their different dosages. While both are central nervous system stimulants, the main differences between them are their different methods of administration. Both are used to treat binge eating disorder and may cause side effects. Read on to learn more about the differences between these two medications. Vyvanse is also known as Lisdexamfetamine.

The active ingredient in both drugs is methylphenidate, which functions as a catecholamine reuptake inhibitor. Because it inhibits the catabolic enzyme, methylphenidate leads to an increase in neurotransmitters’ extracellular concentration. It’s believed that Concerta acts as a pure uptake inhibitor, as compared to Vyvanse, which must be ingested. Concerta contains about 22 percent methylphenidate immediately and the remaining 78% slowly over 8 hours. On the other hand, Vyvanse contains lisdexamfetamine, which is a prodrug.

While the dosages of these two medications are similar, Concerta is the preferred choice of some patients. The latter is recommended for people with bipolar disorder. It’s more convenient than Concerta for people with high blood pressure, but its short-term effects may not be as long-term as Concerta. Nonetheless, it’s important to note that Vyvanse may cause a spiking blood pressure in children after five hours of use, so parents should seek medical attention.

Side effects of Concerta vs Vyvanse

If you’re considering taking an antidepressant, you may want to compare Concerta vs Vyvansa to determine which works best for your situation. Both drugs are effective, but they’re designed to have different side effects. While you should talk with your doctor about which one is best for you, understanding the differences in these medications can help you give the physician the information they need to prescribe the best treatment for you.

Some side effects are common, but they can be life threatening. The best way to avoid them is to take Concerta only as directed by your healthcare provider. In rare cases, you may experience serotonin syndrome, which may also happen with other medicines. If you notice any of these symptoms, stop taking the medicine immediately and contact your doctor or local poison control center. Serotonin syndrome symptoms include agitation, flushing, loss of coordination, high body temperature, rapid heartbeat, or tremors. If these symptoms persist, call your doctor or poison control center.

While both medications can be effective for treating depression, they do have a number of common side effects. Concerta can cause allergic reactions, and Vyvanse may lead to a temporary stunted growth in children. Both of these antidepressants are considered precautionary drugs, so use caution when taking either of them. However, if you’re concerned about the side effects of Concerta, Vyvanse may be the better choice.

Speed of action of Concerta vs Vyvanse

Although no head-to-head comparisons have been conducted, it appears that Concerta has a faster onset of action than Vyvanse, as the drug delivers 22% of its methylphenidate content immediately upon intake. Although no head-to-head comparisons have been conducted, dose equivalence calculations suggest that Concerta and Vyvanse are equally effective when administered at the same dose. However, these studies are often based on subjective interpretations, so it is possible that a person may respond better to one of the two drugs than another.

Both Concerta and Vyvanse work by increasing the heart rate, which in turn helps with controlling appetite. The medications are taken orally, and they both take about half an hour to reach their maximum effect. Because they are both prodrugs, they have the advantage of being metabolized quickly by the body’s enzymes. In addition to a quicker onset of action, Concerta and Vyvanse also have fewer rebound effects after being taken.

The two antidepressants are similar in their effect on the central nervous system, with each affecting neurotransmitters. However, the mechanisms of action for each drug are slightly different, making the choice of a particular drug a difficult one. Because both drugs are metabolized and affect the brain in different ways, you will need to try both for a thorough comparison. Concerta is available in generic form while Vyvanse is not yet.

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