Is Prevagen a Prescription Drug?

Is Prevagen a Prescription Drug?

Prevagen is not a prescription drug. Prevagen is not a prescription drug because it contains all natural ingredients and is technically classed as a dietary supplement. This means it is allowed to be sold over the counter.

To find out more about Prevagen, read our full Prevagen review. However, to learn more about why Prevagen is not a prescription drug, read this article.

Why Prevagen is not a prescription drug?

Prevagen is not a prescription drug because it is technically a dietary supplement. By being a dietary supplement, Prevagen only contains natural ingredients. These natural ingredients do not make is a prescription drug because they cannot be evaluated by the FDA as they are not pharmacy-grade.

By being a dietary supplement, Prevagen is in the same class as say a whey protein powder. Would you need a prescription for whey protein? Of course not, it is entirely natural and can be sourced from readily available foods.

Prevagen is no different. It contains Vitamin D3, and Apoaequorin – which is a jellyfish protein. Although a little more esoteric, these ingredients could still be sourced naturally from non-controlled substances which don’t put them in the eye of the FDA.

In doing so, this makes Prevagen not a prescription drug as it has no purpose to be one.

What would make Prevagen a prescription drug?

Prevagen would immediately become a prescription drug if it contained actual drugs. We’re talking about pharmacy-grade compounds which are controlled, and known for their efficacy.

If Prevagen contained these kinds of ingredients it would immediately need both FDA approval and a prescription.

As then it would be a drug that you were purchasing – not a supplement. At the moment, Prevagen only contains two ingredients: Vitamin D3 and Apoaequorin – a jellyfish protein.

There’s not much information / studies out there for Prevagen helping to boost memory with those ingredients (apart from the studies Quincy Bioscience have done, who OWN Prevagen).

So at the moment it may not be the best option until the ingredients in Prevagen are reformulated into something with a bit more clinical research on them.

The main ingredient Apoaequorin – which is sourced from jellyfish protein, appears to be used in no other memory supplement apart from Prevagen.

It doesn’t bode well that competitors aren’t falling over themselves to include a structurally similar ingredient to help memory – which in a way tells us all we need to know.

What would the benefit of Prevagen being a prescription drug achieve?

There would be positives and negatives from Prevagen becoming a prescription drug.

The main positives is that there would be need to FDA approved proof that it definitely works as a drug for memory.

Rather than us just relying on what Quincy Bioscience claim (who have just settled a class-action lawsuit over their misleading claims about Prevagen).

It would also mean that Prevagen contains drugs that support memory that has been confirmed by the FDA. If Prevagen was actually a prescription drug, it would be more trustworthy for it’s efficacy for sure.

Now for the negatives. If Prevagen became a prescription drug, it’s accessibility would go down significantly. If you could only get it with approval from a medical professional, there would be a lot less people who would be able to buy and use it.

You would only be able to take Prevagen if you had a prescription for it. As you can see, if Prevagen became a drug – it would be good because it would show that it works and supported by the FDA, but it would also become a controlled drug and be much harder for folks to get on the market.

Being over the counter makes it more accessible, however, given the legal cases against Prevagen, it’s clear that it’s reliability to help as a memory supplement may be not be as strong as their commercials claim.

Is Prevagen a Prescription Drug? | The Facts

No, Prevagen is not a prescription drug. It is a natural supplement. Being a natural supplement it cannot gain approval from the FDA, and without approval from the FDA it can not become a prescription drug.

Prevagen is available entirely over the counter, either in stores or online – it is not available to purchase with a prescription.

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