Is Prevagen Over The Counter?

Is Prevagen over the counter?

Yes, Prevagen is over the counter. Prevagen is a natural memory supplement that you buy in stores or online without the need of a prescription, it is 100% over the counter.

Just because it is over the counter however, that doesn’t mean it is a safe and effective memory booster, read our full Prevagen review to see what we really think about this natural nootropic.

In this article, however, we’ll mainly be focusing on how Prevagen is available over the counter and the reasons why this is the case.

Why is Prevagen over the counter?

Prevagen is over the counter because it is an all natural supplement. This means it does not contain any drugs that are approved by the FDA.

Without any form of classification from the FDA, Prevagen immediately becomes classed as a dietary supplement. Dietary supplements are available for purchase and consumption 100% over the counter.

This is why Prevagen is over the counter, because it is a dietary supplement that is not approved by the FDA.

Prevagen contains two ingredients; Vitamin D3 and Apoaequorin – both of which are natural substances and do not require that nod from the FDA to be sold online or in stores. This makes it fine to sell over the counter.

Why can you not get a prescription for Prevagen?

As we’ve mentioned, you cannot get a prescription for Prevagen because it is technically not a drug.

Prevagen is 100% over the counter, and in doing so, no prescription is required to sell this supplement. You can go into any retailer that stocks Prevagen and purchase it over the counter.

Prescriptions are only necessary for pharmacy-grade drugs. Prevagen is not a pharmacy-grade drug, it is a natural dietary supplement. In doing so, no prescription is required to purchase this supplement.

You do not need a prescription for Prevagen as it only contains two ingredients (both of which are natural) Vitamin D3, and Apoaequorin – which is a form of jellyfish protein.

Is Prevagen safe to use over the counter?

Prevagen should be safe for you to use over the counter. There have been no reports of it causing side effects with use.

That said, everyone responds to supplements differently. If you are known to have any allergic reactions to seafood like jellyfish – we’d advise checking with your doctor before using Prevagen with an over the counter purchase.

Even if you don’t have any allergic reactions to seafood – if you’re unsure about the safety of Prevagen, you should check with your doctor before using it.

No side effects have been linked to the dosage of Vitamin D3 in Prevagen, however, if you’re already taking a vitamin D3 supplement, this could raise your dose to unsafe levels.

Apoaequorin hasn’t been linked to causing any direct side effects – but the ingredient itself is largely untested due to it being so obscure.

Use your best judgement when you buy Prevagen over the counter and check with your doctor before full use.

Is Prevagen over the counter? | Our Take

Prevagen is available to buy over the counter, and we feel that you would be unlikely to run into any side effects from doing so.

The reason Prevagen is available over the counter comes from it being a dietary supplement. It cannot get approval from the FDA as it doesn’t qualify as a pharmacy-grade drug. In doing so, no prescription is required to purchase Prevagen over the counter.

The only precaution that we suggest you take with Prevagen is to ensure that you are not allergic to jellyfish or on any vitamin D3 supplements which may interfere with the D3 that is already in Prevagen.

Aside from that, you should be fine to take it over the counter. Just check with your doctor first.


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