Mind Lab Pro Free Trial: Is there one?

Is there a Mind Lab Pro Free Trial?

Mind Lab Pro does not offer free trials, discount codes or coupons. This is due to how expensive the core ingredients are to produce in Mind Lab Pro, Cognizin Citicoline for example is an exceptionally expensive nootropic to source in bulk.

Giving away free samples to any interested party, especially with the amount of interest there is in their product would significantly damage their income – and they would have to raise their price for each box.

I for one, would not want this to happen. I purchase Mind Lab Pro in bulk every four months and would not want to be paying any more. That said, it is an effective nootropic. If you read my full Mind Lab Pro review, you can see that I have some pretty great experiences using it.

Why isn’t there a Free Trial of Mind Lab Pro?

Opti-Nutra Ltd., the makers of Mind Lab Pro, spend a lot of money sourcing the ingredients to make this comprehensive nootropic stack.

Many of these ingredients are expensive to source, due to their effectiveness. If they were able to send free trials out to every interested party, this would severely damage their overhead costs and cause them to raise prices.

Not only that but it may not deliver the best representation of Mind Lab Pro if you were to receive a few days free trial of this nootropic.

Natural nootropics typically take a few weeks to get working that their full potential. Sure, there are some immediate effects from taking a natural nootropic, but the more long-term brain health and memory benefits will not present themselves until you have been consistently using Mind Lab Pro for some time.

If a user received a few days free trial of Mind Lab Pro, they would not be able to experience these long-term benefits – and they would not be interested in ordering more. This wastes both the users and Opti-Nutra’s time.

What about other Nootropic Free Trials?

Be very wary of nootropic companies that offer free trials. Typically in these cases there is something of a catch.

One of the more common issues with these free trials, is that some companies like to sneak a subscription into the small print.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Nootropic company offers a free trial
  2. User requests free trial of said nootropic
  3. Nootropic company asks that the user pays only for shipping
  4. User gives over payment details for shipping
  5. User takes free trial
  6. Free trial ends
  7. Company starts a billing the customer full price and starts sending them product

Somewhere in the small print the company typically states that if you don’t tell them that you’re not interested in their product, that they will start a subscription plan billing you for the product and sending you more out.

Always read the fine print with any nootropic, or supplement in general that offers a free trial. There is usually always some form of catch.

Will Mind Lab Pro ever do a Free Trial?

It is highly unlikely that Mind Lab Pro will ever do a free trial. Due to both the costs affecting the overall business, and the stigma that surrounds these free trials, it doesn’t seem in Mind Lab Pro’s interests to pursue such a campaign.

But hey, maybe you’re reading this in the future and now there is a Mind Lab Pro free trial and you’ve come to correct me! Then correct away – but I seriously doubt there will.

Do Mind Lab Pro do anything like a Free Trial or a Discount?

Mind Lab Pro do offer discounts when you order their products in bulk. This is not a free trial, but it can allow you to have something of saving if that’s what you’re interested in with this nootropic.

If you choose to buy 3 boxes of Mind Lab Pro in your order, they will include an extra free box.

This lowers the standard price of Mind Lab Pro at $65.00 a bottle, down to $48.75 a bottle. This works out at $1.63 per daily serving and is more than reasonable for the benefits this nootropic has been linked to.

If you want to know more about these offers, you can visit the Mind Lab Pro website at MindLabPro.com.

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