Mind Lab Pro Reddit: What do they say?

What do people say about Mind Lab Pro on Reddit?

Mind Lab Pro has been mentioned on Reddit, although only a few times. The majority of the feedback on the nootropic is good, but there are always some naysayers in there too.

In this article, we take you through numerous experiences of Mind Lab Pro according to Reddit users and what you can learn from their views.

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Positive Mind Lab Pro Reddit Experiences

There are numerous positive experiences with users on Reddit taking Mind Lab Pro and reporting their results – as well as giving insights to what they have experienced taking it.

Here’s something that I found exploring one of the few threads out there discussing Mind Lab Pro:

Mind Lab Pro Reddit Positive 1

For those who can’t see the image, it reads:

Mind Lab Pro – any experiences or comments with this stack?

I’m trying to treat depression & anxiety caused in part by medication withdrawals.. the company say Mind Lab Pro can help with those symptoms + help reverse the damage caused by medications. They also tell me there are no side effects or withdrawal symptoms.. What do you think?

To which another Reddit user replies:

Mind Lab Pro Reddit Positive 2

If you can’t see the image, this is a Reddit user replies in the Mind Lab Pro discussion:

MLP was my introduction to nootropics. I started taking them due to depression & anxiety, among other things, and it worked for me. On it, I had a more positive outlook on life (even while things were fucked up), more optimism, felt more calm, had more confidence and an extremely clear mind.

On nights I would binge drink and have a hangover, the following day I would pop 2 pills and they would remedy my headache much quicker than my normal routine of heavy fluids and rest. It works!

To which the original poster replies* back with:

thx for that.. I’m receiving it soon.. I’ve talked at great lengths with the staff there.. they are all taking it lol & tell me it makes them feel great., they also inform me it will help heal my brain from all the medication related brain damage I’m suffering. What I don’t know is how much to take.. they say start with 2 pills a day.. if necessary go to 4 max a day.. how long did it take you to feel the effects & how much did you take? Did you stop taking MLP? If yes was there any sign of withdrawals?

* = Spelling edited for clarity

Which is a great sign, the user who had a good experience with Mind Lab Pro on Reddit replies:

Mind Lab Pro Reddit Positive 3

I don’t recall how long it took but I would say worst case scenario is 2 weeks.

Being that they are all natural supplements, hopefully it won’t take so long. I started at 2 pills and stayed at 2 pills. I don’t think there is anything wrong with taking 4 a day. I did not have any withdrawals from taking them.

Again this is all good stuff. We also came across this comment which seemed positive as well in favor of Mind Lab Pro:

Mind Lab Pro Reddit Positive 4

This reads as the following:

I’ve been taking Mind Lab Pro for quite some time (around 6 months). I’ve tried other nootropic stacks and Mind Lab Pro is my favourite. I had no health issues, my productivity increased (I tested it with playing n-back-game) as well as my focus.

I definitely recommend trying Mind Lab Pro and you’ll see how it works on you 🙂

Looks like another satisfied Mind Lab Pro customer on Reddit.

Negative Mind Lab Pro Reddit Experiences

That said, not all accounts on Reddit that discussed Mind Lab Pro were positive.

We found some users who just don’t accept premade nootropics stacks whatsoever.

Here was one user who was warning that Mind Lab Pro could potentially cause side effects by being premade:

Mind Lab Pro Reddit Negative

It reads as follows:

Most people don’t recommend preblended capsules for a reason. Aside from being overpriced you’re taking so many new supplements at once it can be hard to determine which one is causing side effects.

If this brand seems to be working for you, you may want to consider purchasing the ingredients separately and introducing them one at a time over a few weeks to months. It will most likely save you money in the long term.

There are always people who don’t approve of premade formulas, but our mind it’s a matter of preference. A lot of people don’t want to be slumped over their table with the cheapest, low quality versions of individual nootropics and crafting them into a powder.

It purely depends on how much experimentation you’re prepared to do – or if you want something that’s been seen to work right away.

Can You Trust Mind Lab Pro Reddit Accounts?

In this case we are going to say yes. Mind Lab Pro is such a niche topic and seldom spoken about outside of inner nootropic circles, so we doubt that someone would be leading an army of “trolls” to cause problems with the brand.

On more general topics however, and generally when it comes to Reddit when the topic is not exceedingly niche, we suggest you use your best judgement and take what you see with a pinch of salt.

In terms of these encounters with Mind Lab Pro, the overall impression we get is that Reddit is being pretty genuine here.

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