Mind Lab Pro Scam: Are you being conned?

Is Mind Lab Pro a Scam?

No, Mind Lab Pro is not a scam. There are a lot of scams in the supplement and nootropics industry, but it unlikely that Mind Lab Pro is a part of one. There are several things that Mind Lab Pro does that you would not see in a typical nootropics scam.

Below in this article, we look at why believe Mind Lab Pro isn’t a scam and what are telltale signs of a scam when it comes to the nootropics industry. If you haven’t already, ready my Mind Lab Pro review to find out more about how this nootropic actually works.

Why Mind Lab Pro isn’t a scam?

Mind Lab Pro is not a scam because of several reasons:

  1. It’s High Quality / Going the Extra Mile
  2. Clinically Researched Ingredients
  3. Not being apart of any ‘free trial’ schemes

Below, we’ll explore these points to see whether or not Mind Lab Pro is a scam.

The first point we should look at is that Mind Lab Pro is extremely high quality, and clearly goes the extra mile when it comes to other nootropics on the market.

How do they do this? By delivering a very high level of quality.

1. Mind Lab Pro is not a scam due to the quality

Mind Lab Pro is third party tested, vegan, non-gmo, soy-free, allergen-free, glutent-free, caffeine-free, non-irradiated, synthetic additive-free, artificial preservative free, banned substance free and more.

Why is this a sign that Mind Lab Pro is not a scam? Because that costs a hell of a lot of money to ensure your products have those certifications and deliver that quality.

A scam company would be looking to make the cheapest product possible. This would ensure that they would make the highest level of profit and allow them to walk away from the product quickly and start up again under a new name.

You see this a lot with a lot of the ‘free trial’ nootropics, and yes, we’ll discuss those later.

2. Mind Lab Pro has clinically researched ingredients (which is what a scam company wouldn’t care for)

Another thing that Mind Lab Pro does is that it invests in clinically researched ingredients. Not only that, it actually goes after the specific branded versions of those ingredients which have been used in the clinical studies to deliver such high results.

A good example of this would be Cognizin Citicoline, a brand of citicoline which has been seen in studies to raise brain energy by nearly 14%.

Again, due to it having this kind of reputation, the cost of the Cognizin is a lot more expensive that getting any kind of quality of Citicoline. Cognizin costs a lot more, because it is known to deliver a lot more.

A scam company wouldn’t give two hoots about branding of ingredients. All they would care about would be the cheapest possible version and then flout the studies of the highest quality version as claims about their product. Even when their quality is too low to support such claims.

Mind Lab Pro put their money where their mouth is because they do not want to sell an inferior product, or rip off their consumer in any way.

3. Mind Lab Pro does not engage in any free trial scams

Free Trial scams are rampant in the nootropic world, and we’re happy that Mind Lab Pro isn’t a part of one.

A free trial scam is essentially when a nootropic company offers a ‘free trial’ of their product for a few days. All the user has to do is pay for the postage of the sample to their door.

Sounds good, right? It’s not. After taking your payment information, a lot of these scam nootropic companies keep the information on file to re-bill you as soon as the trial ends.

Most of the time, it isn’t made clear to the consumer that they will be billed full price as soon as the trial ends. This is where the scam begins. In this small print of the trial, the user agrees to pay full price of the product as soon as the trial ends unless they say otherwise.

Most of the time the user doesn’t know this and what ends up happening is that they find out at the end of the month that they have been billed for product they didn’t believe they agreed to purchase. These scams are notorious and hard to get out of, it usually involves calling the company in question and getting them to cancel it manually.

For some people, especially more vulnerable people, it’s a very difficult scam to get out of this. It goes a lot further than nootropics too, a lot of the supplement world is affected by free trial scams.

Fortunately however, Mind Lab Pro is not participating in this kind of scam.

Is Mind Lab Pro a Scam? | Our Thoughts

We do not believe that Mind Lab Pro is a scam. The clinically-researched ingredients and extra high levels of quality lead up to believe that they have honest intentions.

The price is higher because their costs are higher. With more scam-orientated companies, most expenses are spared to ensure they can sell as much product with the highest possible profits.

Mind Lab Pro on the other hand is incredibly premium, and it’s unlikely that they would go to such lengths unless they were sure that they would be sticking around to make a good reputation for themselves.

Mind Lab Pro also do not participate in any free trials, which further exonerates the brand from any scammy behaviors, as this offering a free trial is more common place among scammy brands.

In summary, there are no signs that Mind Lab Pro is linked to, or participating in any scams.

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