Planer Working Principles: Strategic Ways to enhance your memory while using a planer

Planer Working Principles: Strategic Ways to enhance your memory while using a planer

Woodwork is one skill that requires an almost perfect memory. The reason for this is the negative effect of a simple memory lapse like in measurements; you will destroy the design. Moreover, you need to explore other options to make sure you remember everything you need to perfect this skill.

A planing machine is a simple and complicated appliance at the same time. Immediately you purchase it you must make sure you understand all the parts, otherwise, as a planer, the planner machine can be disastrous.

Here are six basic principles of a planer that one needs to consider

Only handle what you can- one task at a time

This is a machine that you cannot afford to run a trial-and-error activity. You just have to be sure of what you want, otherwise, you might lack hands in a few seconds.

Seek clarification where possible

There are many woodworkers in your neighborhood. In case you have no idea then use social media to connect to others and use them as your learning curve to this skill.

Hold the planer as it is required

Despite your knowledge and perfection in planning; never forget the basic rules on the position of the hand on the machine. This is a challenge for beginners who feel the old system of dealing with the planer is analog yet they want to hold it digitally. When you lack principles and support system your hand may be chopped off by the machine.

Customize the functioning of the machine

As technology enhances, planer manufacturers also have to adjust to the new trends. Use a planer as a new tool and learn what the market has to offer. You have to be flexible as a woodworker since you may be used with one old machine. What happens when it breakdown to unrepairable state and that specific machine is out of the market? Does it mean that you will shelve your skill? Definitely, no.

Use the machine for its purpose…

Woodwork is such a complicated skill. It is difficult to get just one machine that can plane, lathe, cut and groove. You might be tempted to use a planning machine for cutting. There is a reason why this specific machine was designed for just that specific function. Stick to its original reason for the operation.

These are principles that should be at the back of your mind at any time you are handling a planing machine. A skill that you always handle has an impact when it comes to your memory. It is unconscious to an extent when you go against your principles your instinct is there to be a benchmark for you. The overall effect of this is enhanced memory which gives you a sober mind to handle this skill with the tactic. All in all, your memory must be sharp and alert all the time to come up with the best woodworking design appreciated by your target customers.