Prevagen Reviews: Is it legit?

This is our Prevagen reviews page. Where we look at this popular TV brain supplement and the company that created it: Quincy Bioscience and how it compares to other nootropics we know like Mind Lab Pro.

There’s a lot of press and general attention both online and offline that surrounds this brain supplement and the people want to know: how effective is it really?

In this report, we’ll be looking closer at this supplement, the ingredients, the side effects, the legal trouble it has and just whether or not it actually works.

Here is what you need to know:

About Prevagen

Prevagen is a brain supplement from the company Quincy Bioscience which has been on the market for several years. It's appeared on TV ads and all over the internet, and is currently priced at $39.95 but it can also be sold for more. More recently, the brand claims it is a product specifically for: Boosting Mild Memory Loss associated with aging. For legal reasons, Quincy Bioscience refuse to say anything else about what their product can do (more on that later). In this review, we'll be looking closer at this age-old nootropic to see just how effective it really is. Many have said online that this supplement may even be able to help with cognitive function and reduce Alzheimer's Disease.

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High praise indeed – and one of the reasons why this supplement is under such scrutiny with a variety of legal cases surrounding it.

Read on to find out more about this supplement, how to take it, what the ingredients are, is it safe, lawsuits and more.

How to take Prevagen?

Taking Prevagen is easy. One capsule in the morning, with or without food. This is thought to be the best method for getting this supplement to support healthy brain function and overall memory.

However, how well it actually does this will be brought into question in the next section of our review.

What does Prevagen Contain? | Ingredients Review

Prevagen contains the following ingredients:

  • Vitamin D3 – 50 mcg
  • Apoaequorin – 10 mg

Here’s a picture of the label:

What's In Prevagen

Unlike most supplement companies who make a brain dietary supplement – there are only two ingredients in this supplement. The issue with this is that an awful lot of claims hinge on just these two ingredients.

The other issue is that one of them is Vitamin D3 which is a natural vitamin which is has never been promoted as an effective cognitive enhancer. You’re unlikely to get much benefit from this nutrient.

We’ll discuss all this below when go into the specific ingredients, but another thing that stands out to us is the Apoaequorin as well. An ingredient that we’ve never seen in another brain supplement other than this company.

Below, we’ll give you our full review of Prevagen ingredients to see just how effective these nutrients are for your brain and what it can do for you as a memory supplement.

Vitamin D3 in Prevagen

Vitamin D is a good supporting ingredient in almost any dietary supplement, it helps with numerous essential functions in your body – but does it help with cognition or brain health?

Not typically. It can help with areas such as hormonal balance, and even with restoring some deficiencies that you may be facing as most people don’t get enough vitamin D3 throughout the day as we spend most of our time indoors.

So the main pull of this supplement is going to come from the other key ingredient in this brain supplement: Apoaequorin.

Apoaequorin is Prevagen’s leading ingredient, the owners Quincy Bioscience has even made a patent for this particular nutrient because they believe so strongly in it. Below, we’ll give you all the specifics and issues that are surrounding this ingredient.

Apoaequorin in Prevagen

This is the ingredient that Prevagen relies on: Apoaequorin, which is a protein that is found in jellyfish which is can bind to calcium. It’s also known as a photoprotein.

It certainly sounds interesting – but is there any evidence that this protein called Apoequorin can offer any statistically significant benefit when it comes to helping cognition.

There’s currently one study in existence which tests the effectiveness of Apoaequorin as supplement for brain function – and it was sponsored by the company themselves.

In the study, participants were split up into two groups, a group taking Apoequorin, and another taking a placebo over the course of 90 days and took a variety of cognitive tests.

Some people taking Apoequorin were reported to have improved scores and in some cases, the scores appear to go down. The results from this memory supplement vary a lot.

Researchers on the project even admit that “No statistically significant results were observed over the entire study population.”

It’s not a great look for the overall results of Apoaequorin.

This study has also been the source of numerous controversies for the makers of Prevagen: Quincy Bioscience and the Federal Trade Commission in New York.

It has been subject to numerous court cases, and narrowly escaping being penalized due to mistrials and overturns in several states. Although the sponsored Prevagen study claims that Apoequorin does not have statistically significant results, this is seemingly buried in the study, with the lead being that it can help with brain health and memory problems.

There is a still a large class action lawsuit running against Quincy Bioscience over all of these claims. If a settlement is reached, Quincy Bioscience may have to refund up to 30% of the initial product price to customers with proof of purchase and $12.00 to those with any form of valid claims.

This is not the kind of thing you want to read about a nootropic or brain supplement company that you are interested in. As soon as the Federal Trade Commission gets involved over this dietary supplement claims to improve memory – the outcome was never going to be good.

Prevagen Formula – Summary

As you can see – wow, there’s quite a few issues with Quincy Bioscience and that Apoaequorin in-house study. With New York Federal Trade Commission getting involved, and the amount of claims that have been made about this product it’s definitely one of the more interesting formulas we’ve reviewed.

However, we will say this: We don’t think this is an effective formula. It’s surrounded by controversy for a reason. Given that it claims so strongly to help with memory and cognitive decline, some people have believed that it can help with Alzheimer’s Disease, memory loss and other critical conditions.

It can’t. It’s jellyfish protein and Vitamin D3. Without the amount of comprehensive studies behind Apoaequorin – it may deliver nothing more than the placebo effect.

For now, given the amount of cases stacking up against it, we would suggest staying away from supplement companies like Quincy Bioscience for now.

Is Prevagen Safe?

Although it may not be that effective – we believe this brain supplement should be safe for you to use. It’s jellyfish protein and a middling dose of Vitamin D3, it’s unlikely to have much of an effect.

However, the main concern that we would raise is that the only studies which show Apoaequorin to be safe are from the original researchers behind the sponsored company study. Which means we may not be able to entirely trust the words of these researchers due to their relationship with Quincy Bioscience.

They’re already in court about claims for it to improve memory, could it be the same for causing side effects?

That said, we find it highly unlikely that this supplement will cause you any side effects. But you should remember, our review does not constitute medical advice in any way. If you are unsure, you should definitely get medical advice from your doctor or another medical professional if you really want to try Prevagen, Extra Strength or anything else by Quincy Bioscience.

Prevagen Regular Strength

Reviews of Prevagen Summary

As you can see, there’s not a lot of good selling points for Prevagen aside from the fact that it has appeared in multiple TV ads.

The ingredient profile is vitamin D3 and jellyfish protein – a stack that we’ve never seen before or since. Something that seems to be propped up by studies conducted by the company themselves, and something that has seemingly got them into trouble with FTC.

In our opinion, this is not a good brain product for memory, and there are plenty of other options out there. Just because Prevagen have the loudest ads in the brain supplement industry, it doesn’t mean they’re the best option for you.

We will continue to watch and update proceedings of the cases against Quincy Bioscience with intrigue.

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Prevagen FAQ | Reviews on Prevagen

Outside of our review, there are also numerous popular questions that are asked about this nootropic. Here, in our post-review section – we’ll aim to answer as many of these as possible.

Again, none of this should be taken as medical advice.

Does Prevagen Really Help Memory? | Reviews for Prevagen

It appears that Prevagen may not really help memory. According to the company’s (Quincy Bioscience) website, people who use this product can “experience improved memory, a sharper mind, and clearer thinking.” However, a review of the evidence for this brain supplement indicates that these effects are not well substantiated.

A lot of this is down to the ingredients which do not have the sufficient backing to help memory. The studies that are available for their main ingredient Apoaequorin, are sponsored heavily by the company that creates the product.

Are there any side effects from taking Prevagen?

Not that we can see. On the whole, this supplement appears to be a safe option. Whether it is an effective option for memory however is up for debate.

There has been no study to show that this product causes side effects. We find it highly unlikely that you will run into any problems from taking this nootropic.

That said, we are not medical professionals and everybody responds to supplements differently. If you have any concerns, we suggest that you speak to your doctor before taking a brain supplement like this.

Do Pharmacists recommend Prevagen?

Highly unlikely. This is a brain supplement that has absolutely no backing by the FDA and is undergoing a class action lawsuit with the FDA.

We can’t seem to find any pharmacists that are recommending this brain supplement, and we would be very surprised if there were any that were vouching for it given the unnecessary attention it has attracted and legal problems the company behind it has encountered.

You may have noticed that Prevagen is the current #1 in PharmacyTimes who recommend this supplement. But you should know that this post is sponsored by Quincy Bioscience the makers of the supplement.

How long does Prevagen take to work?

The company recommends that you take this brain supplement for at least 90 days for you to feel the full effects of this nootropic.

However, considering the dosages and the ingredients, we would be surprised to see that you will get much benefit from it all no matter how long you take it.

This is a supplement to be very wary of for sure.

What is the main ingredient in Prevagen?

The main ingredient in this brain supplement is one by the name of Apoaequorin – which is a photoprotein that is extracted from jellyfish. Right off the bat, we can all agree that this supplement is not suitable for vegetarians.

Not only that, the effectiveness of this ingredient is the cause for a lot of debate. The reason for this is that the ingredient has only been researched under sponsored company studies which are spearheaded by the makers of this nootropic (Quincy Bioscience).

The evidence of them doing this has caused a lot of concern in the supplement community, along with the claims they make about their product, and has lead to investigations and class action lawsuits from the Federal Trade Commission.

Outside of company studies put together by Quincy Bioscience, there’s no real research on Apoaequorin – which doesn’t bode well for it’s overall effectiveness.

Even some of the researchers in the study have mentioned that there are no statistically significant changes from those who are supplementing Apoaequorin.

Quincy Bioscience are still allowed to trade this brain supplement, despite some of the advertising that has been made to consumers. However they have been to told to dial back the level of claims that they make about their product.

Apoaequorin does not seem to be that effective for memory development and function, but thankfully, there’s no research that shows it to be dangerous. If you have taken this supplement and are concerned, you should speak to your medical professional – but it’s unlikely that you will contract any side effects from Prevagen.

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