Side Effects of Prevagen

What are the side effects of Prevagen?

There have been no documented side effects from users taking Prevagen. However, that does not mean that this memory supplement cannot cause side effects.

We did a full report into Prevagen, and if you’re curious you can read that in full over at our Prevagen review page.

In this article however, we’re going to be focusing primarily on the side effects of Prevagen and what you may experience from using this memory supplement from Quincy Bioscience.

Why would there be side effects of Prevagen?

Prevagen may cause side effects due to the amount of controversy that surrounds this brain supplement. Prevagen has a lot of controversy as it is one of the most well-known brain supplements in the US due to their constant running of commercials – while still under fire from the FTC for making false claims.

False claims is the main reason we suspect that Prevagen may potentially cause side effects. A lot of the research for Prevagen’s ingredients come from Quincy Bioscience, who funded their own studies into them – primarily the jellyfish protein Apoaequorin.

In these studies they deemed that Apoaequorin was safe to use. However, they also use these studies to massively promote their own product, with results that no other independent study has been able to replicate.

We’re not saying this is the case, but with the FTC cracking down on Prevagen, and with the majority of their evidence being self-funded, one could think that these studies may be portraying some unreliable data in the hopes of selling more product.

It’s not every day that a brain supplement gets hit so hard from the Federal Trade Commission. Something could definitely be afoot.

With this in the mix, we could extend this unreliable data to their claims about their main ingredient Apoaequorin being unsafe, despite the claims that it is.

If you’re taking Prevagen and unsure, you should always speak to your doctor or a healthcare professional before using supplements like this. Especially if you have an allergy to seafood as Prevagen contains jellyfish protein.

Does the Vitamin D3 cause side effects of Prevagen?

We find it highly unlikely that the Vitamin D3 in Prevagen will cause side effects.

There are literally thousands of supplements which contain good strong levels of Vitamin D3, and the nutrient itself hasn’t been linked to causing side effects at these doses.

Vitamin D3 is a good option in a multivitamin – but not really a brain supplement. It can help with various essential functions in your body, and necessary to keep you alive and healthy – but it has no clear benefit to overall brain function.

You’re unlikely to get any side effects from taking Vitamin D3 in Prevagen – but that said, you’re unlikely to get any brain benefit from taking it either.

It’s not the best option in the Prevagen Brain Supplement – no side effects, but no real benefits.

Does the Apoaequorin in Prevagen cause side effects?

The Apoaequorin hasn’t been linked to causing any side effects – but not much research has been done on it.

Apoaequorin is a photoprotein which is in jellyfish. It binds to calcium and is what gives jellyfish that glowing blue light. The thought is that Apoaequorin in Prevagen can help bind to the calcium in your brain and promote your overall levels of cognition by reducing the calcium buildup.

However, the only research out there which shows Prevagen to achieve this are by Quincy Bioscience, who own Prevagen and funded the study themselves.

They also claim that there were no side effects from users taking Apoaequorin – which may not be true as this is self-funded – although we’re not saying that, but it could be a possibility.

Side Effects of Prevagen: Is it safe to use?

In this case, to see if Prevagen causes side effects you need to see if there have been any user reports of it causing problems. There’s no denying it, Prevagen runs commercials all the time – their customer base must be huge.

We haven’t heard any reports of Prevagen causing side effects, so we have to guess that it’s unlikely to do so. At the end of the day, it’s seafood protein and Vitamin D3 – it’s unlikely to pose much of a danger to the majority of people.

If you don’t have an allergy to seafood, and check with your doctor first before taking it, you should be okay to take Prevagen with minimal side effects.

That said, whether you want to given it’s track-record and legal cases is entirely up to you. We always suggest that you check with your doctor or medical professional first though if you are unsure or are known to react badly to supplements.

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