What is Neuriva? What’s a brain supplement?

What is Neuriva?

Neuriva is an all natural brain supplement from Schiff Vitamins. It is claimed to help focus, memory, concentration, accuracy and learning. Neuriva contains two ingredients; Phosphatidylserine and Coffee Fruit Extract.

You can read our full Neuriva review ← but if you’re looking to just learn what exactly Neuriva is and why people may use it. Read this article.

What do people use Neuriva Brain Performance for?

People use Neuriva mainly to help improve their general cognition and memory. This is the idea of most brain supplements (nootropics).

Nootropics (albeit natural nootropics) are supplements which you can take which have some form of evidence for helping improve your overall brain function.

They can typically be bought over the counter and can be used by all types of people who are looking to get more out of their brains in a natural, safe way.

For example, someone who might use Neuriva may be a:

  • Professional – Working in an office environment and needs more brain power for problem solving and mental stamina.
  • Competitor – Those who need their minds in tip-top shape to win competitions. For example professional gamers, chess players, boxers and more.
  • Over 50s – People who are experiencing mild dips in cognitive decline who want to keep their brain as sharp as it was in their mental prime.
  • Students – Those in college or university who are looking for a safer alternative to a lot of the smart drugs which are being abused in the academic sector. Still get that boost, but without the risk.
  • Athletes – Physical sports can have various mental aspects to them, keeping your mood high and yourself motivated can be the difference between winning and losing, no matter how good your hardware is.

Neuriva, and nootropics in general may appeal to these kinds of people. Those who want that mental edge in the moments that count.

What is the benefit of Neuriva?

The main area where Neuriva may benefit you is in memory and brain energy. A lot of this comes down to the phosphatidylserine in this nootropic.

What is Neuriva’s Phosphatidylserine?

Phosphatidylserine is phospholipid, technically a fat that makes up 15% of your brain.

Phosphatidylserine has been seen to help boost your levels of the neurotransmitters acetylcholine and dopamine – as well as help glucose metabolism which can help brain energy production.

In research it has been seen to help the elderly with brain degeneration, slow cognitive decline and generally increase a more positive outlook. The main area it helped with cognitive delcine was with memory loss.

It’s one of the only natural nootropics out there which have FDA-qualified claims for helping fight the risk of cognitive decline.

The only thing that we would say about it in Neuriva is that the dosage may be too low. There’s only 100 mg in here – most decent stacks have at least 150 mg per daily serving. This is definitely something for Neuriva to work on.

What is Neuriva’s Coffee Fruit Extract?

Another aspect of what is Neuriva is Coffee Fruit Extract. This has only been seen to help with cognition in one study, and that was using Coffee Fruit Concentrate – which is technically not the same thing.

There’s a not a lot to be said for the Coffee Fruit Extract in Neuriva, but the Phosphatidylserine is definitely something worth looking into.

What is Neuriva and who makes it? | Summary

Neuriva is an all natural brain supplement which has been formulated by Schiff Vitamins. It contains two ingredients; Phosphatidylserine and Coffee Fruit Extract.

Phosphatidylserine has plenty of evidence to support its effects of fighting cognitive decline, building memory and more in the area of cognition.

Coffee Fruit Extract on the other hand does not – more studies are definitely needed into that one.

The type of people who may use a brain supplement like Neuriva include working professionals, competitors, seniors, students, athletes and more. Anything that requires a mental edge is what Neuriva has been designed for.

Whether or not it delivers on this however is another question.

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