What is Prevagen used for?

What is Prevagen used for?

Prevagen is one of the most popular supplements and is used for protecting against mild memory loss, boosting brain function and improving thinking.

But how well does it actually work? You only have to read our full Prevagen Review to learn that this brain supplement isn’t all it’s cracked to be.

Although there’s a lot of marketing for Prevagen, sometimes it’s not clear exactly what it does, how it works and what Prevagen is used for.

In this this article, we take a brief look at all this and more in the hopes that you get a better idea of what Prevagen is used for.

Why is Prevagen used for this?

Prevagen is used primarily as a memory, brain boosting and improved thinking supplement because of the ingredients in it and the claims made around it.

The main ingredient in Prevagen is a jellyfish-derived protein known as Apoaequorin.

Apoaequorin is a protein that binds to calcium, and there is a theory that calcium build up the brain may lead to memory problems.

Before we get started, Apoaequorin is not well-researched. The only study out there for Apoaequorin is from Quincy Bioscience – who make Prevagen.

They seem to have created a lot of marketing hype around this sourced protein for it helping to build your memory.

However, when it comes to comprehensive scienctific evidence, there’s not much that backs up the claims for what Prevagen is used for.

There’s a lot of marketing and not a lot of proof. Prevagen is used as a brain supplement because of the thought that the Apoequorin may help to reduce the calcium in your brain to boost your memory. The actual proof of this however, is unreliable and unfounded.

In our opinion, Prevagen is used for this because of aggressive marketing and TV commercials.

Who would use Prevagen?

People who may use Prevagen include those who are suffering with memory issues, such as memory loss. There are also some people who may be using Prevagen to combat brain fog and generally help sharpen their mind.

The majority of customers who buy Prevagen are typically seniors, and they typically have more problems with their memory compared to most other age groups.

Prevagen is a brain supplement aimed at helping with memory issues as well as improving focus and general cognition. Taking Prevagen may help to sharpen your mind and make you more mentally competent throughout the day.

Or so Quincy Bioscience (the makers of Prevagen) claim. They have funded the studies into Prevagen, which isn’t always a good sign.

Outside of the research done by Quincy Bioscience, there is very little evidence that shows Prevagen to work.

For instance, Vitamin D3 has no real links to improving memory or cognition. It’s a good choice for a general multivitamin, but not for a brain supplement.

Apoaequorin was unheard of in the brain-boosting supplement world before Prevagen came along. Again, this is another supplement which may not be ideal for increasing brainpower, the only research on it that shows it to be effective comes from Quincy Bioscience themselves – who may not be most reliable source given their financial interest in Prevagen.

Is Prevagen used for the right reasons?

We’re not so sure that Prevagen is used for the right reasons. Although it is claimed to be primarily a brain supplement to improve memory, Prevagen has been the target of the FTC for some time.

The makers of Prevagen, Quincy Bioscience have recently settled a class action lawsuit over Prevagen, refunding most of their customer base 30% of their original order – and if they can’t display adequate proof purchase, up to a $12.00 refund.

If they are being challenged over this and the FTC over false claims, this is a clear indication that Prevagen may not be being used for the right reasons.

Accepting and settling a class action lawsuit, shows to some degree and omission of guilt. With this in mind, we have to think that Prevagen is not being used for the right reasons and it may have to be reformulated to ensure that it does get used for the right reasons.

What is Prevagen used for? | Our Opinion

Prevagen is used as a memory supplement, primarily by senior customers. It is made up of Vitamin D3 and Apoaequorin which is a form of jellyfish protein.

Although Prevagen is used as a memory supplement, there may be some indication that it does not excel at this. Our reasoning being that it has been challenged over claims it has has made about itself from the FTC – and that Prevagen had to settle a class action lawsuit.

There’s also an issue with the studies into Prevagen’s ingredients being sponsored by the manufacturer – and aside from these studies there being virtually no evidence to support that it works as a brain supplement.

Prevagen may need to be reformulated before it can be said that it is being used for the right reasons.

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